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Cliccolo is a software application which contains  hundreds of interactive exercises for Italian kindergarten and  primary school, which can be used on IWBs, on PCs and on Win8 tablets. There's a single point of access and the activities are organized by grade and by subject.  

Subjects now available (in Italian language): Italian, Mathematics, Geography, English, Franch. All subjects are constantly revised and increased with new and improved exercises.

Cliccolo-Cos'è e come si usa

Click on the picture to download the quick-start guide (in Italian).

Cliccolo-L'offerta formativa 2014-15

Click on the picture to download the quick-activity guide in order to see at a glance some of the many activities available in Cliccolo (in Italian).

Touch here or on the box to the right to request a free demo version.



New features of Cliccolo 3. version (October 2014): curricolo di italiano completamente revisionato ed arricchito, percorsi di matematica dalla prima alla quinta con 1.200 problemi e molto altro, 2.500 immagini rinnovate, 120 percorsi di inglese e nuovo materiale di francese e cinese. Nuove guide per l'insegnante per le discipline di italiano, matematica e lingue straniere.


Click on one of the pictures to download the teacher's guides (Italian, Mathematics e foregn language, kindergarten). 


Cliccolo-Guida Italiano

Italian - teacher's guide (in italian)

Cliccolo-Guida Matematica

Mathematics - teacher's guide (in italian)

Cliccolo-Guida Inglese-Francese-Cinese

Foreign language -teacher's guide English, Franch, Chinese (in italian)

Cliccolo-Guida Infanzia

Kindergarten teacher's guide (in italian)


The menu has been greatly improved! Now it is possible to write a key-word and the system will show all those activities which have that word in the title or in the description.

If you write a word with an asterix, "*", next to it (either before or after the word, i.e. *verbs, or verbs*) the system will look for the key-word in each of the chapters too. 

Once you've found the right activity or chapter you were looking for, you can go directly to that section by pressing the green button. You can even go directly to the exercise!


The SmartGrid, one of our main exercise models, has been greatly improved in Cliccolo 3.0. It has been used not only for maths, but also for Italian and English exercises where it is necessary to complete the answer by filling in the area with the words (by typing on the computer keyboard or on the virtual keyboard provided) to answer the question. 

The SmartGrid is a very special board, which, when used in maths, recognizes  all kinds of equations (additions, subtractions, multiplications, divisions, in line or in column). The result calculated by the student is immediately checked and helps the student stay on track!  

For home use, it is easy to understand that such a system, which automatically corrects any equation written by the student, can be a useful tool. 



GeoSpace is our newest interactive model for studying Geography with Cliccolo. It's fun and easy to learn all the regional Italian boarders and the position of the main cities and other important geographical landmarks primary-school children need to know for the Italian Curriculum. The same can be done for any other country or geographical point of interest!  

In the same way as all other exercises in Cliccolo, all answers are saved, the errors are registered and the student's progress is analyzed therefore the system will require the student to work on those places he/she wasn't sure about. 

UniDida is happy to announce the quick and easy way to install so much information. INCcloud, or Incremental Cloud is a new automatic procedure which gives the possibility for a slim, demo version to continually increase its content while used. That is, the images and the audio tracks are downloaded in real-time while you work on the activity. This is a very practical solution to cut installation time use only those activities that are requested.

Once downloaded, the files remain in the system and it's possible to continue even without an Internet connection. 





The new Incremental Cloud system made it possible to make a lean product for distribution  purposes CliccoloSlim, much faster to download and very practical. It contains only 21 activities you can find in the orange guide. These are some example activities just to give you a feel for the product and make you curious to find out more!


Once you have downloaded the Slim version, it is always possible to ask UniDida to activate the Incremental Cloud and to download other activities or even all the activities for a limited time. 


Why is Cliccolo such a unique educational aid?:

CliccoloBullet  Over 16.000 exercises organised in 400 educational activities: one single point of entry for thousands of multimedia, interactive exercises. The contents increase continually.

 Complete and simple to use: each activity  can be "opened-up" and you can see at a glance how it's made and what kind of exercises there are. You can even go directly to a specific exercise by simply pressing a green button. 

CliccoloBullet  Adaptive: no one exercise is the same. Each question is chosen on the base of errors made in previous sessions, and the system adapts to the class or to each students’ performance. 
CliccoloBullet  Versatile: it can be used on an Interactive White Board, on a PC or in school IT-laboratories, on the Intera-Desk, or on the latest generation PC-tablets.
CliccoloBullet  Programmable: it is possible for teachers or for the students to make-up their own learning resource with the aid of UniDida personnel.


Cliccolo and cooperative learning

The exercises proposed in Cliccolo help student learn better in any subject.  The teacher will decide what to work on and how to manage the class using Cliccolo as a tool with single students, with small groups or with the entire class.

Each question is chosen on the base of errors made in previous sessions, and the system adapts to the class, to the group or to each single students’ performance. 

Cliccolo is easy to use
The simple and intuitive menu and the easy to understand buttons in the activities makes it very easy and practical to use. It's always possible to stop the explanations, or to restart an exercise form the begining based on the teacher's and the classroom's needs. The very vast number of possible activities lets the teacher decide what and when to use the exercises. The suggested activities, organized by year and by subject, simplify the teacher's choice.

Cliccolo is by the teacher's side
Cliccolo is an excellent tool for any teacher. It automatically records the student's progress and can identify the  student's difficulties. In fact, on the base of the incorrect answers given, the system decides which skills the student needs to work on more.


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