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UniDida designs and manufactures digital solutions for education and sells and installs interactive whiteboards. Our two exclusive products are: the computerized work station for children, the Intera-Desk, and Dida-Framework, the application to create and to customized interactive exercises. UniDida installs interactive laboratories called "La Casa di Cliccolo" (Cliccolo's home) in schools as computerized teaching aids, also very useful for teaching foreign languages.


UniDida presents DidaLabthe new software package for coding and robotics for education. It required two years of development with the help of many Italian teachers that experimented it in classroom directly with students.

In December 2016, Alessandro Bogliolo, European Code Week Ambassador for Italy, certified our work with schools making a final analysis of the experimentation at school. He said that there are innovative points in DidaLab, starting from its graphical paradigm based on water circuits in pipes to help students following the flow of the code. This approach was called pipecoding.


Click here to download the installer for DidaLab English version (beta), or copy the following link into the browser: scarica.unidida.com/DidaLab-Setup_3_00-EN.exe


Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for information or assistance.

System requirements: 2GB RAM. Operative System Win (Linux e MAC available without automatic installer).

On 27th of September 2017 a YouTube event was performed to present DidaLab in preparation of the the Europe Code Week. Here follows.






Cliccolo is a software application which contains  hundreds of interactive exercises for Italian kindergarten and  primary school, which can be used on IWBs, on PCs and on Win8 tablets. There's a single point of access and the activities are organized by…
A new school mate in your class Intera-Desk can be added to the normal class structure to add personalized interactive activities. Each Intera-Desk contains a computer and has a screen that is sensitive solely to the touch of a special…
A modern approach to learning while maintaining traditional values Many Intera-Desks can be put together in a classroom and connected through a local area network (LAN) to the teacher's server. The server can also be connected to an IWB. In…
Dida-Framework is a software package developed entirely by UniDida. It is purposely designed in order to let teachers and whoever is involved in preparing lessons create educational content in a quick and easy manner. The heart of Dida-Framework is it's…
Millions of students and teachers in the whole worlds have chosen Interactive White Boards to increase their school results. The simple combination of a computer with a special white board lets teachers teach in a dynamic, interactive way and has the advantage…
INTERACTIVE LEARNING CENTER FOR CHILDREN One way to recommend an Intera-Lab to the families of your school system. Families are getting more and more involved with their children's education and they are ever more interested in the use of new…
Our accessories for SMART Boards ensure the best possible in the classroom. It's possible to customize the interactive white boards with these accessories to increase their flexibility and them easier to use.
We also hold efficient training courses for use of the white boards in northern Italy in order to let you use to the fullest the technological instruments you already have at your disposal. 



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Nuovo PC-Desk-uk

Nuovo PC-Desk-uk

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UniDida on newspapers

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New technologies in comparison with teachers in the digital era The world of technology has been poured out upon the teachers in the last five years and we are seeing a...

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A short film taken at la Casa di Cliccol…

A short film taken at la Casa di Cliccolo

A short film about first grade language arts This film was taken in the Collodi-Rodari State Elementary School in Turin where we are currently using an experimental cooperation model which lets...

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